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Your business depends on regular customers. It takes time to acquire regular customers. Time which is not always available.

This is where Bonusbee will help you. Bonusbee is a customer loyalty program working at multiple levels. With Bonusbee you can easily store points, award vouchers, send promotions and much more. Within a few minutes you are ready to go.

Your customers do not even require a smartphone, in that way you can also reach the older generation customers.

“As I started out as an entrepreneur I would have wished for a great tool like Bonusbee to build my business.”

– Tilmar Hansen, founder of “New Yorker”, the international chain of clothing stores in 39 countries with 16,000 employees –

Bonusbee helps you to reward your loyal customers.

Bonusbee works perfectly for any industry.  

Bonusbee gives you the tools to encourage your customer to keep coming back and attract new ones.  

Bonusbee – try it and you will be convinced.