The idea of Bonusbee was created in 2013 as a result of a woman’s postbox being full of vouchers, flyers & broadsheets. Very few of them were of value to her & most of them were spam. Additionally every shop offered her a loyalty or stamp card which she had to carry with her in her wallet every day.

One day she went shopping with a voucher she had received on her birthday and was told she could not receive the discount as she had forgotten her loyalty card. That day she decided to get rid of all her loyalty cards. She started creating an app…

The woman told her best friend’s husband, an experienced entrepreneur, innovator and expert in system design, product development and implementation about her experiences and annoyance with todays loyalty card system and how she wanted to change it. This man was very well informed about the needs of merchants, marketing strategies and the lack of target marketing to grow sales in the long run.

That day the idea of Bonusbee was born.